Tim Chavey

Flooring Specialist


My job is to determine how a floor failed and the cause or source of that failure. The failure could be installation related, manufacturing related, end user related, maintenance related or even specification related. I am trained specifically to determine what occurred to cause the condition reported and state so in a written report which is quite often used as a legal document. To facilitate this procedure I require as much information from the involved parties as I can get. This information should be truthful, on point and if unknown, not hypothesized.



I am also able to train installers, sales personnel and speak to large groups about specific flooring topics or if given time a requested topic: What the Inspector looks for, Moisture testing before the sale, How to evaluate a job before you start, Estimating patterns, wastage and dealing with pattern bow/skew & pattern elongation. Download: Moisture Testing - Finally A definitive test. (pdf)

Flooring Contractor

I am trained and certified in the specific installation procedures, maintenance requirements, and specifications of all the floorings listed below. In addition to investigating floor failures, I am also a licensed C-15 Flooring Contractor, a CFI certified installer/trainer and inspector. I perform moisture testing on concrete substrate, (CCT or In-situ – following ASTM procedures), and numerous repairs procedures.

Contact me if you have a problem with:

  • Carpet – (Commercial, Residential, Modular/Tile, Woven, Broadloom)
  • Resilient – (VCT, VAT, LVT, Vinyl/Linoleum, Cork, Rubber)
  • Hardwood – (Solid, Engineered, Planks, Parquet, Sand/Finish, Pre-finished)
  • Laminate – (Locking, Click-fit, Glue-fit, Commercial laminate)
  • Bamboo – (Strand, Woven, Engineered, Solid)
  • Tile – (Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry)
  • Concrete – (Moisture & pH testing, Sealing, Overcoats, Decorative coatings)
  • Installation – (All industry standards required to install all the above)

To the Legal Industry

I have served as both plaintiffs and defendants expert witness in numerous arbitration hearings and depositions. I have also been used as an at will consultant giving legal counsel advise or direction from slip and fall cases to product and installation failure law suits. I am able to review reports, information given to counsel and basic understanding of the flooring industry as a whole and having installed, managed and owned floor covering stores have an understanding of concerns and positions of others.